Choosing A Win-Win Topic for Persuasive or Compare&Contrast Essay

Tips For Choosing A Win-Win Essay Topic

Most of the time, being free is not the easiest thing, especially when writing essays for college. Even though most students complain about the essay topics they get assigned to write, selecting your subject is much more challenging. Fortunately, you always have an option to pay for essay writing online and free up lots of time for important affairs. Without the correct guidance, you will end up picking a topic that will not explain in its entirety. Here are some tips to help you select a great essay topic.

Persuasive essays 

When writing a persuasive essay, you’ll get asked to argue a perspective or opinion. If you’re choosing a topic for this type of paper, ensure that you: 

Select something that you have a viewpoint about 

You do not have a good argument in case you pick something that doesn’t drive you. For instance, if you’re more inclined towards the legalization of marijuana, then that could be a good topic for you.

  • Pick a topic that you can argue on both sides

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to see the topic of discussion from many perspectives to help you have a stronger case when presenting your argument on the opposition.

  • Jot to persuade 

In case you care about the legalization of marijuana, the topic you choose needs to be about why anyone or someone should legalize the drug. All the points should mirror why an individual should change the legislation to the endpoint you want to talk about. 

  • Explanatory essay 

When writing an explanatory essay, you need to show how or why a particular element should get done. You, therefore, need to:

  • Select a topic that you understand fully 

You will need to understand the concept and process enough to expound its working parameters from start to finish. 

  • Get specific 

Be sure to choose a small and subtle process like making margarine instead of building an engine that will take you a long time to research and write. If you decide to go with how to build a machine, we’ll run out of the energy and maybe space to keep your audience hooked today information you’re providing. Therefore select a simple topic that you can efficiently execute with available resources and time.

  • Research 

Ensure that you have the correct and concrete information to support whatever information you have included in your paper, including pictures, quotes, and diagrams. 

Compare and contrast essay

When writing a comparison essay, you need to tell the reader that you can see the similarities and differences between two books, people, or concepts.

Therefore you should: 

  • Select two topics that have got open differences and similarities 

Before you start writing, ensure that the chosen topics have a wide range of similarities and differences that you can select. 

  • Select individual topics or people, and don’t combine 

Nobody would want an extensive paper. That is why you need to choose individual places, ideas, or people that have got a few comparisons that are either interesting or fascinating. 

  • Look for novel and interesting comparisons

There is nobody who wants to go through an essay about how your dad and Uncle are both men. Instead of going the tedious way, you could talk about how they both fought in wars and how differently they dealt with trauma. When you write your essay along those lines, you will find that the contract or comparison subject will be exciting and provocative. That Therefore means it will keep people going. On top of all, compelling comparisons will hook your readers to your paper and make the essay more memorable.


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