Common Types of MBA Admission Essays

Whenever you want to join any business school, be sure to write a good MBA essay explaining why you are the right person to enter the institute. There are other requirements, but the MBA essay carries some weight and can help you secure a position in your dream business school. You include the detail you can’t showcase in the resume in the MBA essay. However, this article features different types of MBA essays you are likely to face before joining a business school. Read below to understand more.

  1. The Goals Essay

In most cases, the admission committee will ask you to write this essay before joining their institution. The goals essay aims to explain your intentions of joining the school you have selected and your objectives after accomplishing the degree. The questions under the goals essay are customized differently with different word counts limits. Examples of goals essay questions include:

Explain your short-term goals after attaining the MBA and give reasons.

Explain how a Booth MBA is essential towards achieving your short-term and long-term career objectives.

  1. Identity, Values, Self-Reflection and Personal Qualities Essay

In this category, you will find several forms of MBA essays. Some institutes will ask you to introduce yourself to other learners. Again, the admission committee can ask you to explain your core values and give reasons. You must think as you self-analyze yourself to bring out your personality when answering such questions. You can even get a question asking you to talks about an ethical dilemma you may have faced in the previous years. Examples of such essays include:

  • Explain the most significant commitment you ever made
  • Who are you?
  • What are your Best Values, and How have they Impacted your Life?
  1. Contribution Essay

This form of essay is meant to analyze other capabilities of the student. What value or what contributions are they bringing to the institution? In most schools, students manage several activities in different ways. These questions require you to explain your capabilities and passion that will help improve the institution. Examples of such essays include.

Give reasons why you should be among the 800 students in the 2021 class.

What other accomplishments have you made apart from the one in your resume? How will the achievements help the institution?

  1. Impact, Leadership, & Achievements Essay

These types of essays require you to share your positive experiences from your past to explain how you look forward to a brighter future. Examples of these essays include the following:

  • What are your best achievements? Give reasons.
  • Explain one instance you created a meaningful impact.
  1. Video Essay

Finally, we have video essays. This is the latest form of essays where the admission committee might require you to respond to a question in another manner, like recording and submitting a video. The purpose of such essays is to evaluate your thinking capabilities and how to communicate, body language, and how you can involve your mind in a given scenario. Examples of video essays include.

Explain who you are to your classmates to-be in a one-minute video.

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